When pitching, please use the subject line PITCH:TOPIC or HEADLINE. Depending on your type of submission, please include the following: a few sentences about the main focus of your story, a brief outline including potential sources, whether or not you have connected with your subject thus far (for profiles), your plan for images, and links to relevant clips.  Please also include your standard rate for the type of article you're pitching.

Full drafts will not be accepted unless otherwise listed.

Please send all pitches to amanda@bustle.com

We look for:

Are you interested and willing to try out the latest and craziest beauty/fashion trend or celebrity obsession? We're looking for writers who can test out a product or trend and document their experience with great original photos and thoughtful, engaging copy. 
I Tried Eyebrow Microblading & I Am Never Going Back

I'm A Plus Size Woman Who Wore A Low Rise Bikini To The Beach

We're looking for original profiles on subjects in the beauty or fashion industries with an interesting angle that can be pegged to something timely or evergreen.
Tarriona "Tank" Ball Lost Her Wardrobe After Hurricane Katrina, But What She Found Changed Her Style For Life

Why Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness Wants You To Say Nice Things To Your Hair

Got an idea for a deep dive on a fashion or beauty trend, either in history or happening today? Want to report on something relevant to feminism, intersectionality, or inclusivity in fashion or beauty? Have a hot take or personal reaction to something happening either of those industries right now? We want to hear it!
If Claire’s Closes Its Doors, Please Leave Me Inside

Can Everyone Please STFU & Let Me Enjoy My Skin Care Routine

If you have a personal essay idea about how beauty or fashion standards (or in practice in your everyday life) have influenced your perspective, we want to hear it. Also feel free to pitch personal essays about life experiences related to fashion or beauty.
I Always Thought I Hated Jeans, But It Was Really About The Size On The Tag

How To Get Ready For Your Best Friend's Funeral

If you have a pitch for a long form feature on topics related to feminism, intersectionality, or inclusivity in fashion or beauty, we want to hear it.
Meet The People Making Queer Folks Feel Safer In The Salon Chair

How 16 Hijabi Women Use Makeup To Express Themselves

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