Elite Daily's Politics section is looking for personal essays related to ongoing news stories and original reported pieces. These can be a way a law affects you, an underreported story in your community, or anything in between. 

We are not seeking straightforward pieces on national news. We do not accept publicity pitches or guest posts through Submittable.

Please read Elite Daily's news coverage to get a feel for the content and voice of the section, and please search to make sure we haven't covered the topic before. If you have previous writing experience, please include links to your work. Your pitch should be well-developed and full drafts will be requested before a pitch is accepted.

General Elite Daily Guidelines:

  • Elite Daily is looking for fully-developed pitches, and in some cases, full drafts that could be a good fit for the site based on tone and content we've run in the past. Full drafts will be requested before a pitch is accepted. All writers should be familiar with Elite Daily's content and voice before submitting.
  • Please do not send press releases or sponsored content pitches here; those can go to info@elitedaily.com.
  • All submissions should include a potential headline and article summary. If you have previously published clips, a website, or a portfolio, please link to them where indicated.
  • If you are seeking a part-time writing position, you can find all of our current job listings here: https://jobs.lever.co/bustle.