Elite Daily's Life section is looking for identity and/or identity politics pieces that use storytelling to offer a new perspective to our readers. These pieces can be tied to trending news pegs (for example, how AHCA affects you as a ___ living in ___), or evergreen personal essays involving anything identity-related.

Please submit a headline and angle for the piece, along with links to any published writing samples. Your pitch should be well-developed and full drafts will be requested before a pitch is accepted.

General Elite Daily Guidelines:
  • Elite Daily is looking for fully-developed pitches, and in some cases, full drafts that could be a good fit for the site based on tone and content we've run in the past. Full drafts will be requested before a pitch is accepted. All writers should be familiar with Elite Daily's content and voice before submitting.
  • Please do not send press releases or sponsored content pitches here; those can go to info@elitedaily.com.
  • All submissions should include a potential headline and article summary. If you have previously published clips, a website, or a portfolio, please link to them where indicated.