To pitch: Email our Senior Features Editor, Janet Manley, via

When sending to the appropriate editor listed, please use the subject line PITCH:TOPIC or HEADLINE. Depending on your type of submission, please include the following: a few sentences about the main focus of your story, a brief outline including potential sources, whether or not you have connected with your subject thus far (for profiles), your plan for images, and links to relevant clips.

Full drafts will not be accepted unless otherwise listed.

Romper is seeking the following feature pitches:

  • Reported pieces with 3-4 original sources (at least 1200 words)
  • Original takes on breaking news or cultural trends
  • Personal essays that will make news
  • Stories that take us outside of NYC, focus on an issue the media isn't covering, give a name to a specific feeling that parenthood brings, and represent the Romper values of feminism, inclusion, and equality.

What makes a great Romper story?

  • A nonfiction piece should still feel like a story, and put us in a certain time and place.
  • A piece that finds complex shades of emotion beyond joy/depression.

We accept pitches on a rolling basis. Your pitch should include:

  • A few sentences describing your piece
  • A sentence or clips illustrating why you're the best person to write the piece
  • Who you would reach out to for quotes/experts/"real people," etc
  • How fast you can turn the piece around
  • Your rate for the piece



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