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Bustle only accepts full drafts of stories that are a good potential fit for Bustle based on content we've run in the past. We ask that all contributors please be familiar both with Bustle's content and voice, as well as our pitch guidelines before submitting. 

Please submit your piece to one of the categories below and be sure to read the submission details as they differ depending on the category. All submissions should include BOTH an attachment of your piece AS WELL AS your piece pasted into submission box.

We'll try to respond to all submissions within 3-4 weeks (and usually faster if it's a story tied to a breaking news event). Occasionally, response times may vary, but all submissions will receive a response. 

PLEASE NOTE: We are not currently accepting personal essays, sex/relationships pitches, and other evergreen features. We will open the categories back up in early April.

Thanks! We're looking forward to reading your work.
The Editors at Bustle

Bustle is looking for feature-length (800+ words) essays, reported pieces, and think-pieces tied to current events. This does not include topics tied to film or TV (that goes to Entertainment), books (those go to Books), or non-timely stories about health, travel, etc. This category only covers personal essays, reported pieces, and think pieces linked to recent news. Completed pieces are preferred over pitches whenever possible


Bustle is looking for well-developed pitches for reported stories across our verticals, particularly within the News and Lifestyle verticals. When pitching, please include your specific angle for the story and where you plan source experts, why it's a fit for Bustle, and a bit about yourself. Please also include links to three relevant clips. If you're submitting a full manuscript, please make sure the article is a fit for Bustle's voice by reading the site, and let us know where you envision the article living within our verticals.
Bustle's Books section is looking for identity pieces and personal essays tied to literary fiction, genre fiction, young adult, and nonfiction books.

We are not currently seeking reviews, list ideas, or author interviews from freelance contributors. We do not accept publicity pitches or guest posts through Submittable.

Please read Bustle Books to get a feel for the content and voice of the section, and please search to make sure we haven't covered the topic before. You don't need to submit a full-draft of the piece, but your pitch should be well-developed. If you have previously writing experience, please include links to your work. 
Bustle's Entertainment section is currently looking for unique pitches focusing on issues of feminism, diversity, and the ways in which politics intersect with mainstream pop culture. These pitches can focus on upcoming films, TV storylines, and entertainment events, as well as trends within Entertainment. We're specifically looking for reported features, research heavy essays, & personal essays, but will accept the occasional exhaustive or unique list.

On occasion, we may be looking for immediate, timely pitches for essays or reported features pegged to huge entertainment news events on the level of Beyonce suddenly dropping Lemonade on HBO or Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie getting divorced. 

To pitch: Please include your full name as used in bylines, a 1-2 sentence summary of your pitch, other outlets you've written for, and any relevant links (personal website, recent clips, etc.) While not required, full drafts are preferred.

Bustle's Fashion & Beauty department is looking for well-developed pitches for reported features and personal essays from unique perspectives. Please do not submit via Submittable; Instead, please email amanda@bustle.com with a PITCH or FULL SUBMISSION. Subject line should be "PITCH: HEADLINE" or "SUBMISSION: HEADLINE."

If you've got a compelling story to tell, or would like to pitch an idea for a feature on a marginalized/overlooked community from a fashion and beauty angle, let us know. Particularly interested in POC/LGBTQ/plus-size/body positive perspectives and writers with intersectional identities.

Once again, pitches and submissions should be sent to amanda@bustle.comSubject line should be "PITCH: HEADLINE" or "SUBMISSION: HEADLINE."

Generally, motherhood and parenting pitches are a better fit for Romper.com, Bustle's sister site for millennial mothers. To submit your pitch there, please email your completed submission to pitches@romper.com. Romper DOES NOT use this system and will not read your submission if sent here. Please find details on Romper pitches and submissions here

If your submission is a better fit for Bustle, please submit to another department such as personal essays. In your note about your piece, please tell us why it's a good fit for Bustle and include examples of past work.

If you submit to this category, you will not hear back from us!

Please do not submit the same piece to both Romper and Bustle.